Saturday, July 5, 2014

Clothing Cull.

Yep, again.  It should be a weekly thing until I get it under control but I wait until I can no longer close the door properly and stuff falls out when I try and cram the clean washing in.  HoHum, I have too much stuff..

But!  As of now I am down to only 6 pairs of black pull on pants.  Trousers, slacks, longin's, call them what you will.  Six!   They all fit, I wear them...Mind you the 5 pairs that I have bagged up for the op-shop also fitted and have been worn this year but really, 11 pair of the same thing is really not right.  Not good and not happening here any more.   I now have *only* 10 pair of trousers in the cupboard.
6 black.   My go to trousers for most days.
1 cream,  Summer time.
1 brown.  Warmer type
1 patterned.  Summer wearing
1 jeans.  Might go as I am not a jeans wearing type.  But they fit!   I am giving them a chance until the next cull.

I am wearing a pair...of black and I think there is a pair (black) in the wash.  

And of course this is not counting what is in the basket of yard stuff under the bed.  I know there is a pair of black trackies and a pair of black pants in there.  Or should be, I can't seem to pull the too full basket out to cram 'em in.   I will get to this basket sometime over the week as it is too full again. 

Why is there so much?  Because I hate throwing good stuff away and when Vinnies wants to get rid of it because they have enough already in the shop I feel sorry for it and bring it home where it will be loved.    The 2 bags I have here to go will be taken to the other op-shop where I wont know what happens to it but I'm pretty sure they will put in in their shop and not waste it.

I did the shirt shelf last week but there might still be too many in there too and I now have 4 jumpers less than I did a week ago...Four less pairs of knickers than yesterday but still probably a dozen pair too many and way too many socks...HoHum...back into it.

How many is too many?  How many is enough?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oranges and Lemons. And Mandarins.

Citrus time again and I know I say/write it every year but...Is there anything yummier than an Orange plucked from the tree on a sunny Winters day and eaten outside with the juice running down your chin?  Or is that just me...We lost a lot of Oranges this year due to them splitting for some reason but as always there are still lots left for us.   And enough for the daughters to take a bag away with them when they are here and the son and his girlfriend...We have emptied the first tree and have started on the second main tree.  We have had a dozen or so off a young tree in the chookpen but I won't count that until next year when it can hold it's own with the 3 main ones in the yard.   Though there is a big one in the chookpen which will be ready to eat by the time these next 2 are empty.    And the Valencia is full too but they wont ripen until November...I lurve Oranges and want at least 1 more Summer ripening one but am yet to convince the husband that we need another one.  He thinks 6 is enough...I scoff at that and one day we will have at least 1 more...

The Bush Lemon is chockers too.

Husband doesn't like this tree as it has huge thorns/spines throughout and can be quite dangerous when out there and not paying attention.  He is often out there not paying attention and not wearing shoes so I get to hear his thoughts on this tree throughout the year.  He has recently given it a prune but we didn't lose many fruit this time.  Last year he cut it right back and wasn't at all concerned with all the lemons that came off with the branches but this year the fruit is mainly on the bottom half and he only pruned off the top so we have heaps.   I will be taking a lot to the markets on Sunday if daughter and I decide to go and I have put an ad up on Facebook too.   I managed to sell some Chokoes and beeswax from there so will see how we go with these.

They are juicy but don't seem as sour as the usual Lemon that is sold in the shops.  Lemon drinks throughout Winter are one of my ways to ward off colds and other Winter lurgies and this week I am adding chopped up lemons to water kefir and drinking it throughout the day.  So far so good, no sniffs or sniffles and if I do happen to get a sore throat I will add honey and drink more.   Natures own medicine.

I am yet to juice some but will need to do that so we have juice for Summer cordial.  We now have an Eureka lemon tree too and that is also full with branches touching the ground from the weight of the fruit.  I think husband needs to drink lots more cordial instead of buying Coke but he scoffs at that idea...There seems to be too much scoffing at ideas of others and not enough scoffing of fruit happening here...  

Over the last month or so I have been hearing of people eating Mandarins and wondering why ours weren't ready yet, started thinking we might not get any...but they are here now, ripe and ready to eat.  Unfortunately the tree has scale which means sooty mould on the leaves and fruit.  It doesn't affect the taste though and we just wash it off before we eat them but I will need to get out there and deal with the stuff on the tree.  I usually just squirt the branches soapy water and wipe over with a rag.  Some people say to spray but I never remember with what or when so it doesn't get done.


Monday, June 23, 2014

$3000 A Year. Ten Times.

I have had a brilliant idea.  I know, another one, it never ends.      I can't work, not at a real job anyway, not where I would be expected to show up every day and actually finish something...And husband has a bad back, he might have another 10 years in him but his boss could get more fed up and pull the pin on his business at any time.  Lots of boss' do so there are no guarantees.  And husband getting another job might not be easy, he will be at that age and has no formal qualifications.  He is smart and strong and a brilliant worker but none of that seems to count now in days of resumes and bits of paper saying you did this course or that.   So, how would we then have an income?  He wouldn't be pension age and by the time he is there may not be pensions being paid out anyway.  So we need a plan and I have what could be the perfect one.  

He is a casual worker and gets what some would see as a pretty good daily pay but...he only gets that when there is work on the day.   He has 3, maybe 4 days work this week but he has just had 4 weeks at home with no income at all.   Last Winter there was no work, no money coming in, for near on 4 months.   So the good daily pay over 12 months...not so good.   When I first came up with this brilliant plan I said to him we needed ways to make $4000 a year 10 times to get close to his wage now. He says we could probably manage on $30000 so there we are.  I/We need 10 ways to make $3000.   That doesn't sound hard at all does it.

The hard part seems to be me coming up with these 10 viable, legal things.  I have been asking around and gosh, there are some clever and creative people out there and so many ideas.   I am in the process of collecting ideas and will put up the list later on this week knowing that it will be added to as I ask more people.

Once the list is up I will then need to come up with ways to get the process started and then...actually get the process started.  It will be fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Black Sheep.

The most horrible movie that I have watched in a long time.   Whoever made this is warped in the head.   As I must be for sitting here and watching the stupid horrible thing.  Thanks for leaving the DVD here T.

It's ridiculous, kinda funny, horrible...finished.    Baaa!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Happenings.

Gosh, how can I keep not coming here and writing about my all exciting life!   I really do need to get into the habit of visiting myself every day. 

So, what's up here in Barbs Backyard?   I have finally got some garlic planted, did that last week and it is already a few inches high.  I used to always plant it around Winter Solstice which is now, and pull it up during the summer   Last year I forgot that rule and whether that was the reason that I had a very poor harvest or the fact that half of it rotted in the ground, we didn't get much at all.  I had to resort to accepting a big bag from the father in sad.  I have always been the one to share the produce and now I am the receiver...I really need to lift my game.   I'm thankful that he did though, his garlic was big, tasty, and he gave me enough that I had enough left over to plant.  Last week.

The brassicas are doing well, I am eating so tasty beans straight from the garden, still have heaps of chokos, capsicum, sweet potato...still not buying much at all.   Oranges are being picked and eaten from the tree.   I can not believe that we used to like the shop bought ones.  Really there is no comparison and we will never eat *those* ones again.   There are still apples to pick but not many left now.  Enough for us.    I lost a whole fridge garden of potatoes due to not checking them when the last lot of rain hit us.  Seems the drainage holes blocked and the fridge filled with water and they all drowned.  Rotted.  Not there anymore.  We have others elsewhere but that was a bit of a bummer.

Chooks still aren't laying so husband has permission to do what needs to be done and we will have chicken soup instead of eggs.    They do have a bit of Scaley leg mite and I am oiling them for that but they haven't laid for near on 7 months so I can't blame that or the cold or heat or stress or lack of food or too much food.  They are just useless chooks that should do better.

The bees are still doing what bees do, I have finally fixed the zip in the overalls, both pair, how good am I, and am now waiting for a nice day when I am home so I can do an inspection.  Or, truth be told, I will go out looking the part, take the lid off, have a look, maybe pull out a frame or two, close it back up and suggest to the husband when he gets home that they are looking OK, what does he think and we will go out together and he will tell me what I should know by now without him.  That's how we work here.  I'm the wannabe and he is the is.

The monthly lunch with Mum and a sister was a couple of days ago.  This time we went up to Collie.  Had a look around the town, lunch in a cafĂ© then drove around some of the streets.  Mum used to live there, many many years ago and it was interesting hearing things she had to say about her time there.   Hmmm, I never did have a think about the places that we have been to so far and make a list like I said I was going to, really must get onto that.

I dog sat for a week so earned some money towards my *$3000 a year from the yard* money making scheme.   Only $2900 to go with that one.    Not really, I have had him a few times now but still have a long long way to go.  I don't think that I will get rich through dog-sitting.    I have plans to pot up some plants to take to our next markets but if I don't get a move on with that they wont be ready in time and there wont be anything extra to add to the kitty.    The chokos are nearly finished so even the small amount I get from selling them will soon end.    It sounded easy when I was thinking about it, $3000 a year, 10 times, enough for us to live on when husband can no longer work...It's still a good idea but I think I need to come up with a proper plan.   Or 10 plans...

My back is starting to hurt again.  I though that the pills the doctor gave me were doing their job but a few days ago the pain started coming back.   I have about another weeks worth and he said that if it wasn't better by the time the pills were gone he would look into it more.  I hate how they give out pills to treat the symptoms instead of finding the cause and fixing that.   I need to get some blood tests done again before I go back to him too.  They need to be fasting ones and I have had a month now to get them done but I always get up and first thing have a coffee.  It's not until I am halfway through that that I remember that I am not supposed to have anything and need to wait till next day.  And again and again.  I have now written myself a reminder note so hoping Monday will be the day.

Daughter L is in town this weekend.  It was  FreeMarket day this afternoon but she was here this morning before we left gabbing on about those super green smoothie drinks that we should all be having.  The ones I was going to have every day and did start to except they were more brown than green...Anyway, this time she was saying that we should make one and add some Aloe Vera to it as it would be fantastic and solve all our ills....So we did.  It had orange, banana, aloe vera, comphrey, green leaves from the wasn't awful.  It was green.    A very pretty green and much more healthy looking than the brown ones mine always tend to be.  I think mine are less green because I add carrots.   And I think I will start having them every day again.  Husband has been off work for 4 weeks now and I always eat too much crappy food when he is home.   He has a few days work next week so it will be green smoothie and vegie soup meals while he is away with no white crappy carbs at all.  And I'm not going to mention the hot chips we had for tea tonight to L as she might make me drink some other concoction...

We have had the wood fire going for the last week, the house is toasty warm and the kettle is always hot.   So nice at this time of year.    Tomorrow I am going to cook up a big pot of soup, there are a few manky things in the fridge that can be added and it will make me feel better that I used them and didn't need to subject the poor chooks to them.    Yum, manky food soup.  Who's coming for lunch...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Market Update.

The markets in Pinjarra last Sunday were not a success, they were in fact a dismal failure.  I thought they wouldn't be as great as the organisers said but did think that they'd be better than they were.   It was a lovely day, no rain during the morning while the markets were on but that weekend was also the Pinjarra Festival, held in the grounds of Edenvale, over the river from where we were.  Our area was used as parking though and there would have been hundreds of people passing through but they were festival goers and not many were interested in us market stallers.  We gave it a try and know better for next year.   We have more markets this Sunday, they are new and this will be there 2nd go so we will go and see what they are like.   Can't be any worse than last weeks.

There are a few things that I need to do before the car is repacked on Sat, I need to melt more beeswax, relabel a few jars of honey that somehow got damp and the labels have smudged.  If we get into selling at markets more I will have to invest in a proper printer, one that doesn't have smudgey ink.  I also want to repack some of the stuff we sell into smaller boxes so it is easier on my back getting them in and out of the car.  The back is improving but lifting heavy and awkward boxes doesn't help it much.

What I'd like is a big shed where I can store all my boxes and *stuff*, out of the way of other peoples stuff.  Somewhere where I can spread it out and not have it bother people.   I need a few successful market days though before I think about forking out more money.  I have a 5 year plan though so plenty of time...

Best be off, I am dogsitting a couple of dogs and need to go give them their breakfast so I don't feel mean while I have mine...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Market Day Morning.

I am up early so I can have coffee and breakfast before I leave for the markets.   I have not been getting up as early as I like lately so this morning was a nice change.   It means I have time for coffee and breakfast before having to leave and I have some meat on cooking so half of tonight's tea will be sorted already.  Bonus!

The car is all packed but I need to call in and buy petrol on the way, I have food packed so I wont want to buy anything, need to remember to grab a bottle of water...Ha, that's done too now, how good am I...

Finish breakfast, have tablet and be off...I love being organised.  So much so that it always surprises me when I let things get in such a state that it is hard to be so...Maybe I should make June the month to get some things under control...OK, we all know I should the thing is...will I...

OK, now I am off, hopefully to make a dollar or two more than $50....

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Month That Went...

OK, it looks like it's been a month since I came here and wrote about all the exciting stuff happening here in Barb's Backyard...I wonder why that is?  It's not because I have been too busy doing exciting stuff that's for sure.  Though there have been a few places that I have been and one of them was pretty darn cool.  Thanks T! 

So what has been happening?  Hmmm, need to think now...and this is why I started to blog in the first place, so that I would have a way of remembering what I did and where I went...

I went out to lunch with a sister and my mother.  I always look forward to that.  We decided that we would *do lunch* every month and though we haven't made it every month since we started there have been a few.  At the last one we were trying to remember where we had been but none of us could remember them all.  I was going to come home and ask the husband as if I had mentioned it to him he would have remembered...but I forgot!   One day I will make a list...

I have a sore back and it is a bleedin' pain.  It's stopping me from doing all that stuff that I wouldn't want to do if I could.   I have just come in from trying to hang up some washing...not good, I felt it *rip* as  I flung a pair of trousers over the line.  Husband will have to finish hanging it for me.   The doctor says it could take another month to heal  and just gave me a script for a stronger anti inflammatory.   It is a different pain to my usual lower back pain and restricts more movement.  I can't raise my arms or lift anything heavy or lean on anything...Darn nuisance anyway.  I have the markets on Sunday and hoping that I will manage getting there and setting up OK...Daughter will be there to do most of it so should be OK.

This daughter took me on an adventure last week as a late Mothers Day gift.  Her family and husband and I all went on a dolphin cruise in Mandurah with a fish and chip lunch on board.  We saw dolphins and cruised the canals looking at all the flash houses, heaps of birds...I loved it.

I haven't planted anything, picking enough to eat with extra to rot in the fridge...that's not good.

Still doing Vinnies and in saying that....I am there this morning so better get a move on.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Day, Stuff Got Done.

After a slow start, too many phone calls and too much can't be botheredness I went outside, made a start and managed to make a fair bit of progress.   All the drum gardens along the driveway have been weeded, lots of grass growing up through too many of them.  I pulled the grass out from between them and mowed the area as well.  A quick run-over with the ride-on on the grass out the front of the house and around the trees, pulled more grass out and even managed to uncover some netting that I had let get smothered by grass over the last 6 months.  That took awhile!  There is still a bit to do, another mow around the edges with the push mower, a camping table needs to be put away and I have to pot up some small trees sometime in the morning.  When that is done it should look OK. 

I am dog-sitting again for a few days and he gets dropped of sometime in the morning so I need to put a few things in the sunroom away so he doesn't chew them up when I lock him in there when I go out to book-club.  Otherwise I will need to rewhippersnipper the pigpen and put him out there again, he seemed to not mind that last time he was here...Will see what is easiest tomorrow.  I'll have him until Sunday and seeing as the son has his 4 dogs out here now I will be over-run by dogs and think there will be little chance of me wanting one of my own anymore...Son does keep his kennelled when he is not here though so I will have the one until he gets home...hope they like each other...

Inside has been vacuumed, fan is out, woodbox is in and full, the fire is set ready to go...I haven't lit it tonight though am starting to get cold now so have put one of husbands jackets on.  Have put deepheat and gloves on as my hands are achey and sore and think I'll be going to bed soon as TV is boring and my hands are too achey and sore to be on this thing...HoHumm

This week I am wanting to do something about the bathroom, it has become a dumping ground for all sorts of things, stuff that has nowhere else to go, material that I want to sew, a box of stuff from the barbies we had back at the start of the year...everything is things I want but they have no real place to be stored...I have been wanting to get it organised all month and this week sometime it will be done.   Maybe I will just bag it all up and put it out in the shed, that would be easiest but it wouldn't solve much and will eventually need sorting anyway so I may as well make a start this week.  Most of it could probably be gotten rid of and I probably wouldn't miss much of it...but I wont, I will pack it up and *hide* it somewhere.

A few things on the list for tomorrow, main one being washing...and I am seriously thinking of getting son's automatic washing machine and setting it up in the bathroom.  I know that will make things easier but I don't like them, I think they are wastefull...but it will be better than the way I'm (not) doing the washing now...

One good thing today, daughter T came out and brought me some pumpkin soup and bread so I didn't have to make tea after I came in and showered.  'Twas lovely.  She is quite a good little cook.  Thanks T. 

And now, I am off, it's too hard to type with sore hands and fluffy gloves on...

I Need A New Memory Box.

I have been busy...doing what I cannot remember but I'm sure that I have been busy somewhere, doing something...

April, soon to be May.   I know we went away a couple of times this month and it seems like every weekend had something on.  Had a couple of market days, school holidays so I had a few paid work days in there...Back to being unemployed again now, until next school hols anyway.

Ummm, where did I go, what did I do...thinking here, I really need a daily write-up...or a better memory.

The first weekend was the first market stall that we went to here in Waroona, the second was market day in Pinjarra so Saturdays were getting stuff ready for them and Sundays were an early start and *can't be bothered* afternoons.  Easter weekend was filled with FreeMarkets on the Saturday and Myalup Easter Fair on the Sunday.  I stayed out the caravan Sunday and Monday with the grandkid, home Mon afternoon and work on the Tuesday.  The following weekend, the one just gone we went down to Daughters house in Nannup then the Balingup Field Day on the Sat.  Home all day Sunday where I did not much of anything and work yesterday.  Home today and I have big plans to get the house tidy and the drums along the driveway weeded and replanted if needed.  I know some of them are looking overfilled and pretty sure it is with grass and not food.

Mowing needs doing again, of course but we had rain.  Lots and lots of lovely no mowing today but maybe a yard tidy-up so it can get done  tomorrow afternoon.  I have bookclub tomorrow and this month we had *homework* with it so that made me think a bit about the book, more than I usually would.

I have done a plant swap with a woman that has been here a couple of times.  She wanted some of our banana suckers and said she had Goji berry and water chestnuts.   The Goji berry is planted in it's half drum but I still have to get the chestnuts in.  I need to look up on how to do that so will do it this afternoon.  Do any of you grow water chestnuts and have some tips for me?

All the seedlings that I planted are doing great, still there though the leaves on a few have holes that weren't there last week.   Cool damp mornings usually mean snails but the few times over the last week that I have gone out early and looked I have only found 1 small one.   Wish the Slaters could be got rid of as easily.

I lit the fire for the first time last night.  Well, we had the fire going anyway. Thought last week that I need to get it ready, take out the fan we use over Summer and bring the woodbox in, clear out the fire box...Didn't though so last night when I was cold and achey and it was getting dark I went out to get some wood and chips to get it going.  Spent 20 minutes trying to get it to light before giving up and thinking to leave it and just put a jacket on.  Went to have a shower and by the time I came out, 5min tops, husband had it going and I could already feel it was warmer.   How that man can light a fire so good is beyond me, he does it with minimal effort, hardly any paper and chips...And gets them going every time.  I think he thinks it funny to watch me struggle with them, using more and more paper, going and getting more small wood, getting cranky with the stupid thing...This morning I cleaned out the bottom of it to allow the air to get to it, will take the fan out soon and bring in the woodbox and then fill it and tonight if I struggle to get it going I will cheat and use some coals soaked in turps.  I don't like doing that though, I prefer to use paper and small twigs and branches then bigger wood.  I do think that over the last few years that the newspaper has changed as it no longer seems to light like it used to.  Not sure why it still lights for the husband though...

So, I started this post early this morning and it is now nearly lunchtime.  I haven't done half of what I planned inside and nothing outside yet...better get a move on.   Coffee first though, haven't even had my second cup for the day yet...unless I did but have forgotten...will have one anyway!